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Terms of participation

Binding Registration

The applicant agrees to the binding nature of his/her application. This is important as the student will be part of a team of students that will contribute to this RiskON event. Not appearing after registration will adversely affect the other students of the team to contribute valuable results.


Intellectual Property rights and data protection

The applicant agrees that any Intellectual Property rights (e.g. Copyright, Patent- or Trademark rights) created electronically or physically by him/her or by the team in the context of the RiskON event (be it e.g. in concepts, plans, documents or software, etc.) will immediately upon creation be transferred to sminds AG as far as this is legally feasible. Sminds AG will license those rights created and transferred it in the context of the RiskON event to the Lead- and Teampartners (Sponsors) free of charge for an unrestricted (contentwise) and unlimited (timewise) economic use of any nature whatsoever. This license granted to the Sponsors does not embrace any guarantees, representations, and warranties by Sminds AG.


The development of ideas during the RiskOn

During the RiskOn, concepts for potential solutions are developed. Some of these concepts may have considerable innovation potential and may be useful for new products or processes for the Sponsors.  

Sharing the results of the RiskOn: The students may share their developed concepts and their learnings with RiskON Sponsors, Ambassadors and with other involved parties (Organisators) and persons during e.g., peer-to-peer feedback-sessions, mentoring-sessions, prototype testing, pitches and wrap-up session. The slides from the final presentations will be shared with the respective Jury members, Sponsors as well as Organisators. A summary of the challenges and the final concepts will be shared with the wider community via communication on sminds and UZH websites and social media. This material may also be provided to potential new Sponsors in preparation for future RiskOns. 


Further development of ideas after the RiskOn

The Sponsors may decide to further develop the ideas after the RiskOn. Continued collaboration between the Sponsors and the students is encouraged but Sponsors are free to further develop the ideas independently. In case the students create protectable intellectual property (e.g., software code), the Sponsors are granted the right to freely use and exploit such intellectual property. Examples may include that the Sponsors decide to take the idea further in their business and may involve the student team for e.g., a kick-off presentation, feedback session or in the form of an internship or a thesis project. 

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